Saturday, 16 August 2008

Clone Wars Review

Oh dear... it was bad... it was really bad... it was awful... it was as bad as The Phantom Menace!!


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer:

If you do watch it anyway... don't say I didn't warn you!!

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poormovietaste said...

Dude, I'm not going to argue that the film wasn't up to snuff with previous SW movies. I also won't argue that there weren't some really terrible characters and plot elements to the film. After reading your scathing review, however, I thought I'd add that in the movie's defense, it was made for kids. It's not going to be another SW movie like the originals or prequels. I think a lot of people were expecting it to be basically another SW film and it's just not. It's a kids movie made to lead kids into the upcoming animated TV series. Again, I won't argue that the movie didn't have some cringe worthy aspects but I tried to look at it in a different perspective.

CaptainD said...

Fair comment. In fact I think I'll add an addendum to my review on Epinions to say that it should be seen as a 3 or 4 star movie for young children. I guess with so many animated movies these days being very enjoyable for adults as well as kids, I expected more.

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poormovietaste said...

Yes, you are indeed correct about a lot of the animated movies these days appealing to adults as well as kids. I think Lucas and co. could have done a better job in that with Clone Wars but for a kid's movie, I thought it was decent. Plus, it gives the younger generation a good introduction into the series. Maybe it piques their curiosity enough to check out the original trilogy when they get older and learn to appreciate the series. For what it was, I thought it was decent. It certainly could have been better, even as a kid's film, but it was alright.