Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Never-Ending Story: Review

I watched this much-loved children's fantasty movie for the first time recently. My wife still loves it, but she has fond memories of it as a child (much as I have of TRON after all these years). Purely from my own perspectivee, I found it to be a charming but very limited movie.

Read my review of Wolfgang Petersen's "The Never-Ending Story".

That's all for now... starting to get back to writing movie reviews, but they're not coming as naturally at the moment... so be patient!!

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John said...

CaptainD...nice to see you over here at Blogspot...I have just recently started blogging myself. I recognized your photo from Epinions...as you may recognize mine. Nice set of blogs.

I'll support your site by visiting your advertisers.

Take care

John (coldsteel7)

John Smith said...

Oh yeah...my movie reviews are at flickrater.blogspot.com


CaptainD said...

Hey there John!! Yes, I'd recognise that picture anywhere!! :-D

Thanks for the comments, will definitely check out your blogs.


John Smith said...

Just stopping back by to support your site...I noticed the question you have. I probably need to add a question like that myself.

One question...it's a yes or no question...if I answer yes...is that yes I would like to see full reviews or yes the short reviews are fine...the question is a bit fuzzy...or maybe I'm just confused.


CaptainD said...

Hmm... hadn't realised I had an either / or question with a yes / no answer!! Does seem a bit confusing... it was meant to be Yes for full length reviews on the site.

Movie Reviews said...

I don't like this movie.