Friday, 10 October 2008

The Good Movies Write Off Returns!

After last year's The Good Movies Write Off on Epinions, I've reused the same idea for this year's amazingly titled:

The Good Movies EpiGuide 2 - Return of the Write Off!

I'm hoping to get over 200 entries this year... if you're an Epinions member and reading this... why exaclty aren't you writing a movie review for the write off, huh?!??!

My first entry to this will probably be Young Frankenstein, followed by The Painted Veil. There are a couple of new releases I'll be seeing soon that may or may not be good movies... we'll find out before long!

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John Smith said...

I'm up to four...I plan on seeing Apaloosa this weekend. If it is as good as I've heard, then a fifth entry is likely.


CaptainD said...

So far you're the most prolific entrant (though only beating last year's winner by one)... and I haven't even done my first yet!!