Thursday, 18 December 2008

Born of Hope - another fan-made LOTR film coming soon!

Being a bit slow of wit I only realised today that there's a sister production to The Hunt For Gollum - "Born of Hope", being an account of the DĂșnedain (Rangers of the North), in the time before the Return of the King.

Official Website of Born of Hope

Watch the Trailer

While we get all excited about the two fan-made LOTR films, I'm taking the opportunity to plug Peter Jackson's awesome trilogy which these films are unnoficial prequels to:

Why not plug my LOTR parody as well? Why not indeed... the first part of my spoof trilogy Lord of the Thing, cunningly entitled The Mellow Hip of the Thing, is available on both and - so there's no reason for you not to buy a copy, eh?!

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