Thursday, 8 January 2009

My Top Ten Movies of 2007

I'm sure there'll be plenty who disagree and maybe some who agree with my list...

My Top Ten Movies of 2007

1 - Amazing Grace - a fantastic historical drama about the abolition of slavery
2 - Stardust - a wonderful fantasy movie
3 - Hairspray - musicals aren't my favourite genre by a long way... but I loved this one
4 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - cracking adaptation of the fifth HP book
5 - Music and Lyrics - very funny and hugely entertaining tale of an 80's music star
6 - Bridge to Terabithia - bridges the gap between fantasy and reality with sublime skill
7 - Atonement - taut tale of remorse and attainting atonement
8 - Surf's Up! - an animated movie with a different style that worked well for me
9 - Ratatouille - another great PIXAR movie, not their best but still very good
10 - Becoming Jane - biopic of Jane Austen

Honourable Mentions:

Charlotte's Web - good adaptation of the children's classic
Nancy Drew - another much-loved children's heroine gets a nice update
No Reservations - food and cooking are a heady mix...

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