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DVD Review - Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest is a spoof of Star Trek and other sci-fi series. It features the cast of a successful TV series (of the same name as the film), years after the initial success of the series –they are now reduced to attending conventions and opening stores with immortal lines such as “by Gwapthar’s Hammer, what a saving!”. But then they get drawn into a real-life alien battle – the only trouble is, these aliens have been intercepting the TV shows and construing them as factual historical documentaries, and have built their whole society (and spaceship) based on the philosophy and technology of the show.

The Captain (Tim Allen) is not exactly popular with his crew – including the excellent Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. When he gets abducted by the aliens, he at first thinks it’s just another Convention / commercial to be got through as quickly as possible – just with better special effects than usual. But when he finds out the truth, and his crewmates eventually join him, they find out that becoming real-life heroes is much harder than it was to act them…

While obviously taking off Star Trek big-time (at times, Tim Allen even looks like Captain Kirk!), I think people with even a passing interest in Sci-Fi will enjoy the film – although Trekkies will enjoy it more. (Like the lines “I see you managed to get your shirt off” and “does the rolling help?” – they’re funny in context anyway, but so much more so when you’ve seen the original Star Trek series). However the film stands up well in its own right, with a good plot, special effects that aren’t exactly amazing but get the job done, and a tremendous cast. The three I’ve already mentioned are exceptional, but then so are many others – everyone in the film is worthy of mention. I won’t actually mention them all though, ‘cos that would just be boring…

It’s a very funny film, so you can’t really take it seriously – this being the case, as a whole tension as such is missing. Despite this there are a few moments that threaten to have you on the edge of your seat because it’s so well acted.

If you like Sci-Fi, particularly the original Star Trek, you’ll be in heaven here. It’s just so funny and takes off so many elements of real and fictional aspects of ST, for example Tim Allen having a go at a group of fans at a convention for believing it’s real, etc. If you don’t like Sci-fi, you’ll probably still find this film funny – just not side-splittingly so.

The DVD has a few extras: “On location in space” – a very short “how it was made” piece that really should have been longer and more interesting; “Cutting Room Floor” – deleted scenes, many of which are very funny and make you wonder why they weren’t included; and the “Theatrical Trailer”, which is… er… what it says it is. You also get a 4-page booklet with production notes, which is fine for a brief flick through.

My only compliant about the film is that I wish it had been longer. I guess that says it all.

Trailer for Galaxy Quest

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