Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Email from Orange...

I got an email recently because of running this blog, from people claiming to represent Orange (of Orange Wednesday fame, of course) - not quite sure what it's all about yet, but they pointed me towards this video about Orange's plans for the future. Or something like that - I've yet to work out what it's supposed to mean, will let you know if any more information becomes available! Bigger and Better promotions was the gist of the email - we shall see if this really comes to pass... They also talk in terms of "Orange Film Studios", which naturally makes me wonder whether they're going to release their own films sometime soon. That could be interesting... (let's face it, the pre-movie advert for Orange Wednesday has sometimes been more entertaining than the film itself!!)

In the meantime, here's the video:

Live long and prosper. Or something like that.

[mysterious]Check out www.orangefilmstudios.co.uk on the 27th March to find out more... [/mysterious]

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