Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Karate Kid Movies

Have recently seen (for the first time believe it or not!) The Karate Kid, and Part II. Will watch Part III soon, probably tonight... but not expecting a great movie as it was nominated for no less than 5 Razzies!!!

I really enjoyed the first movie, some very funny moments in that. One of the definitive eighties movies. The second was okay, even cheesier than the first and definitely not as good, but still had its moments.

I can't believe they're wanting to remake the first one with Jaden Smith... what's the point? If you want to do a Karate Kid movie, why not make Part V (I think there was only one with a young Hillary Swank in?) - remaking the original just seems pointless. Especially as apparently they're not going to include the Crane Kick...

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