Sunday, 3 May 2009

Indie Movie - Indiana Jones and the Gotham Relic

An Indy movie in more ways that one (groan), this half-hour feature is a crossover between Indiana Jones and Batman!! Crazy but often funny, with more than passable screen portrayals of Indy, Batman and The Joker. A lot of fun and helping to fuel my interest in indie / fan-made films further.

For more information and to download the movie, Click Here.

(The movie is in MP4 format, if you don't have a player I recommend VMC Player. It worked for me anyhow.)

Cast / Crew:

Brian Finifter & Ryan Schile

Ryan Schile & Brian Finifter

Ryan Schile- Indiana Jones
Brian Finifter- The Joker
TJ Champion- The Batman
Scott Harrell- Bob Kane
John Schile- The Detective
Matt Muller- Thomas Stockwell
Thaddeus Callahan- Agent
Rick Uskert- Agent
Gary Broughman- Trenchcoat Man

Special Effects- Markus Zimmerman
Special Effects- Teague Chrystie
Make Up- Tara Jenkins
Music- Andrew Skrabutenas


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