Friday, 15 May 2009

Short Review of "The Green Man"

This Alistair Sim vehicle is a 1956 comedy that, much like Happy Ever After, hsa a few funny moments but jsut never gets out of second gear. Sim is not as funny here as in the St Trinnian movies, but his facial gymnastics can still raise a smile. He plays a man who earns a living repairing clocks, but his real art is the manufactur of explosive devices, and he has used this ability for financial gain ever since he accidently blew up his teacher in sicence class.

With a plot to end a statesman's life afoot, a comedy of errors sees a young salesman (George Cole) and a soon-to-be wed neighbour of Alistair Sim's character (Jill Adams) set out to thwart his nefarious plans. George Cole's performance sparkles but otherwise it's a lacklustre, if still vaguely enjoyable movie. I'd expected more from this one, but it failed to deliver.

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