Monday, 20 July 2009

The Lost Horizon (1937)

This 1937 movie starring Ronald Coleman has had many changes over the years - the film was considered far too pacifist for the war years, and nearly half an hour was cut. The latest DVD release had had as much as possible reinstated, though one or two scenes are made up of still as no archive footage could be found.

The story revolves around a British diplomat (Robert Conway - Coleman) and a few others fleeing war in China only to end up stranded in Tibet., However they are stranded in a Paridise - Shangri-La - where many of the things Conway has dreamt of and written about are a reality - no war, no crime, no poverty, bi sucjbess. However not everyone is happy about being there - most notably Robert's brother, George (John Howard).

The Lost Horizon is a masterpiece, still fascinating today and full of great cinematic tricks (including some amazingly realistic mountain climbing and avalanche scenes). Frank Capra didn't get an Oscar nomination as Director, but the film did win 2 Oscars (Best Art Direction and Best Film Editing), and it was nominated for 5 more, including Best Picture.

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Seems the plot is interesting.. Hope to see this movie.. Maybe I'll just buy a dvd movie of it.

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