Thursday, 2 July 2009

Review of "The Great American Broadcast" (1941)

This is a fun film starring John Payne as Rix Martin. a former fighter pilot looking to make radio the next big thing in the entertainment worls, aided by the money of "friend" Bruce Chadwick (Cesar Romero), the technical know-how of Chuck Hadley (Jack Oakie) and the sinigng talents of Vicki Adams (Alice Faye). Of course things go sour as all three men fall in love with Vicki over time, and there are technical hitches aplenty to overcome.

There are a lot of performances by entertainment greats, including The Ink Spots and The Nicholas Brothers, and the whole thing is predictable hokum but easily enjoyable enough for you not to care. While Romero is under-used and Payne's character is difficult to like, Alice Faye shows what a good comic actress she was and Jack Oakie is always entertaining. If you like musicals from this era you're bound to enjoy it, but it's also interesting from the point of view of a society for whom the idea of getting entertainment in their own homes was a foreign concept.

Not a great film by any means, but certainly an enjoyable movie.

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