Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Glass Mountain (1949)

This isn't a bad film though the acting is pretty wooden and the sound quality (even on the remastered version) leaves a lot to be desired and the early dialogue is very wooden. The singing, unless actually in the opera within the movie, looks and sounds completely unrealistic. Still the storyline's quite strong, basically the trials and tribulations of composer Richard Welder and his long-suffering wife Anne (played by real-life husband and wife team Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray), and the woman who saves Richard's life when he's stuck in Italy during the war (played by Valentina Cortese). Everyone whose life is ruined to some extent by Richard seems to be amazingly (almost unreasonably) patient and understanding with him, but otherwise the storyline is basically believable. Singer Tito Gobbi makes an appearance as... himself. He sits and sings, looking like he's sitting mumbling, sounding like he's singing on a stage. Oh well... points for trying if not technical finesse!

I've criticised it quite a lot but still, it's really not a bad film as such, just very unpolished.

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