Monday, 31 August 2009

Yet another LOTR indie film coming out...

We've already had The Hunt for Gollum and are eagerly awaiting Born of Hope (though the release date seems a bit ambiguous - the official website says August/September 2009, others - allegedly director Kate Middleton - say December 2009) - but today I've come across another one, made in Ireland on a micro-budget, directed by Tim Robinson.

It's called Halifirien, and I like the storyline they've come up with, not focusing on main characters or locations at all:

During the time of the War of the Ring a young boy will face his own quest, to light the last beacon and signal to Rohan that Gondor calls for aid.

High on the mountain of Halifirien, overlooking the border between the two kingdoms, the wardens keep their watch for the ancient signal that will call the men of the west to unite against the threat of Mordor.

As Sauron's shadow grows over Middle Earth, orc war bands maraud further into the free lands, and one night invade the hallowed mountain upon which the wardens keep their watch. As Eradur (James Robinson) and his brother (Dominic Downes) are on guard they hear the noise of battle from further down the mountain. Do they go and help their friends? Or stay and keep to their sworn duty?

Eradur will face the loss of those most dear to him as he is hunted down by bloodthirsty orcs and forced to confront his fears alone.

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