Friday, 11 September 2009

Accidental Husband (2008)

Starring Uma Thurman as "The Love Doctor", Emma Lloyd, this is a story of revenge and love. Emma's advice to Patrick Sullivan's fiance causes her to call the wedding off, and Patrick (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) wants to teach Emma a lesson. He gets them married thanks to the joy of hacking, which poses certain legal problems for Emma's planned marriage to publisher Richard Bratton (Colin Firth). For no apparent reason he then falls in love with her. This creates more problems...

I felt that this really never got off the ground because the romance between Emma and Patrick never seemed believable. There were a few funny moments but this remained, for me at least, an average film (my wife liked it slightly more than I did). I was in the mood for a really undemanding film when I saw this and The Accidental Husband certainly fits that bill, but I felt that it really could have been a lot more than a reasonably entertaining hour and a half.

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