Monday, 7 September 2009

Seen on TV Recently - The Mask (1994) and Mean Girls (2004)

Jim Carrey's breakthrough performance in superhero comedy movie "The Mask" showcased his insane energy and elastic facial muscles, and it remains a highly enjoyable movie. Featuring Cameron Diaz at perhaps her most dazzlingly beautiful (and she acts pretty well, too) and a hilarious turn from Ben Stein as a psychologist who;s just written a book about masks, but finds Stanley Ipkiss (Carrey) a little too crazy for his liking...

Effectively turning Carrey into a cartoon character whenever he puts on the mask, I first saw this movie at the cinema - sitting right in the front row, the (sometimes literally) eye-popping special effects really jumped out of the screen at me. (This would be a great movie to re-release in 3D!) Those SFX still actually look good, and while the humour is sometimes infantile, much of it is very funny.

Mean Girls, starring Lindsay Lohan, is a reasonably entertaining coming of age comedy in which Lohan's character comes to "civilisation", meets the nerds, aims to ruin the life of a really horrible girl and - bet you'll never guess - becomes a really horrible girl herself.

As you might also have guessed, she does eventually mend her ways and come away from the Dark Side. Predictable but, for all that, there are a few genuine laughs and it's quite fun.

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