Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Halifirien now released!


During the time of the War of the Ring a young boy will face his own quest, to light the last beacon and signal to Rohan that Gondor calls for aid.

High on the mountain of Halifirien, overlooking the border between the two kingdoms, the wardens keep their watch for the ancient signal that will call the men of the west to unite against the threat of Mordor.

As Sauron's shadow grows over Middle Earth, orc war bands maraud further into the free lands, and one night invade the hallowed mountain upon which the wardens keep their watch. As Eradur (James Robinson) and his brother (Dominic Downes) are on guard they hear the noise of battle from further down the mountain. Do they go and help their friends? Or stay and keep to their sworn duty?

Eradur will face the loss of those most dear to him as he is hunted down by bloodthirsty orcs and forced to confront his fears alone.

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My Review:

There's a pretty strong story here based on a footnote of the Battle for Middle Earth, and it's nicely developed - like so many of Tolkein's own themes, this is a minature war within the setting of the great war against Sauron. Like most independent movies the sound quality is poor, which makes the movie a little less enjoyable than it would have been, though Peter Clarke's energetic music score helps things along nicely. The image quality is variable (they got a better camera after filming had started), but there are a lot of good ideas and eye-catching images here - it would be very interesting to see what Tom and Patrick Robinson (Director/Producer and Editor/Cinematographer respectively) could have come up with had they been able to use professional equipment. James Robinson is a fairly enigmatic lead and carries the film well despite the fact that his words are sometimes lost due to the poor sound quality.

Overall Halifirien doesn't try to hide its amateur roots but for all that it's quite an engaging little film. Don't expect something with the production values of The Hunt for Gollum, but I'd have to say that Halifirien has a much stronger story than its indie big brother.

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