Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thinking about TV for a while...

To be honest I hardly watch TV these days, since with most things - especially long series as it happens - I really prefer to watch them back to back. However I became rather hooked on the quirky and intriguing Life, which sadly seems to have come to a premature end at the finale of its second series (anyone else think that wasn't the original script?). Flash Forward is also rather interesting - I've never had the slightest interest in watching Lost by the same team, but despite its rather Michael Bay-ish directorial style, it's kept my interest so far. All episodes back to the first are still available on Fiver's TV on Demand site (only another 6 days before Episode One isn't there though, so be quick).

Other than that, the extremely lovable Scrubs has become one of my favourites - not quite as surreal as the British show The Green Wing, but endearingly daft in its own special way.

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