Monday, 2 November 2009

Cocoon 1 & 2

Saw both Cocoon movies recently, not too bad, typical cheesy 80s sci-fi really. Aliens come to earth, old people get a new lease of life and generally misbehave, ruin aliens' plans, try to help, make things worse, aliens go away. In the sequel aliens come back along with human baggage from first film, they generally misbehave, try to help and more or less succeed this time.

In amongst all this there is an extremely cheesy love story between the characters played by Steve Guttenberg (living prove that curly hair and a cheeky smile can give you a profitable acting career) and Tahnee Welch (Raquel's daughter). The acting wasn't great but the story of the first film had an undeniable charm, and for every lacklustre scene there was an enjoyable one, and the special effects were good. Seeing veteran actors & actresses such as Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley and Jessica Tandy strut their stuff was often funny. The special effects crew and Don Ameche won Oscars for their efforts, while Ron Howard won a Saturn award for the direction.

The sequel was pretty poor though - most scenes were tepid and some were downright depressing. I think the first Cocoon is worth watching, but not the second. Look out for a young Courtney Cox in the second movie if you do bother to watch it though.

We got a double-movie DVD for a few quid, so if you do want to watch them, at least it's not going to cost a bomb.

Cocoon was released in 1985 and the sequel (Cocoon: The Return) in 1988. The fact that Ron Howard directed the first but not the second movie probably has something to do with the relative quality of the two films.

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Dain Binder said...

Oh Cocoon; what a classic. The first one wasn't bad like you say, but the second one failed.

From around the same time was
"*batteries not included" (1987); good but somewhat cheesy 80's also - although I liked it better.

Thanks for the blast from the past!

CaptainD said...

Hehe, courtesy of my wife's insistance I actually have Batteries Not Included on my "To Watch" shelf!! (Can't be worse than Short Circuit!?)