Friday, 13 November 2009

What The Deaf Man Heard (1997)

Hardly new for a TV movie I know, but What the Deaf Man Heard takes a fairly intriguing idea - an abandoned boy finds certain advantages in pretending to be a deaf mute, and continues this deception into his adulthood - and does practically nothing with it. The man in question is played by Matthew Modine, who plays the role well enough, and there are fun appearances by James Earl Jones as a street savvy junk merchant who peddles moonshine on the side, Jerry O'Connell as the new Reverand who doesn't have much faith (in himself, that it), and Jake Weber as a truly vile young man who constantly manages to get others to do his dirty work for him. Tom Skerritt among others are rather wasted because all the worthy characters who want to do the right thing are just rather dull.

The first hour or so is tortuously slow, towards the end the pace does pick up a little and there are some genuinely funny moments. Towards the end it loses its way again and after the plot twist that we all knew was coming and one that we didn't (but which seemed just a little too ridiculous), the film meanders past its natural end in the last, but far from the first, overly sentimental scene.

Parts of it were fun and with better pacing and a snappier script, this could have been a really enjoyable movie. As it is What the Deaf Man Heard is a rather ponderous affair and completely wastes the main thrust of its plot by having the main character hear things mostly because he was hiding in the shadows (and not actually because of his supposed deafness), and paper-thin characterisation.

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