Thursday, 7 January 2010

IMDB's Best / Worst of 2000s

IMDB have released their official Top Fifty Rated Films of the Twenty First Century So Far... as with most (well, all) such lists, you will find some that you agree with, and some that you passionately disagree with.

Personally I can't believe Avatar has made it onto the list (at no.6 no less!), and while I thought Dark Knight was exceptional, is it really worthy of #1 spot? I don't know... also with all three Lord of the Rings films being in the Top Ten here, I find it shocking that The Two Towers is listed bottom of the three - I still feel it's by far the best (and conversely the top rated of those three, listed as the second best film of the 21st century so far, The Return of the King, I still say is the worst of the trilogy!).

Ah well... such is the way with user ratings, I guess. Any thoughts on what you would put as the top ten films of the last ten years?

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