Saturday, 23 January 2010

Sherlock Holmes and the Scarlet Claw (1944)

Off to Canda we go, French Canada I think though the accents are English or Scottish, with one character who sometimes sounds almost like she's vaguely trying to put on a French accent. Yes, in terms of accents appropriate to location, it really is that bad. Unfortunately, it's pretty awful in most other ways as well.

The town of La Mort Rouge (unless my language skills have really deserted me, I would understand that as meaning "The Red Death") has a history of suspicious deaths with purportedly supernatural causes. Holmes, of course, doesn't believe in such things, but can he prove the real cause of a recent death, the wife of the main proponent of the local occult society?

Well, of course he can. It's not really all that interesting how he does it, much of the acting is rather bad, the dialogue is often atrocious, and there's really very little to commend The Scarlet Claw, apart from perhaps a somewhat novel use for the common garden trowel.

Of the films in the Sherlock Holmes Definitive Collection that I've seen so far, this is undoubtedly one of the worst. Only The Voice of Terror might possibly have been worse.

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