Thursday, 7 January 2010

Touch and Go (1955)

This is an Ealing Comedy but to be honest it doesn't have a lot in comedy with the classics associated with that label. It features Jack Hawkins as Jim Fletcher, a furniture designer who becomes so disillusioned with the attitude of the company he works for (at least, one individual within that company - but a very influential individual), and decides to move to Australia for greater opportunities. His wife Helen (Margaret Johnson) and daughter Peggy (June Thorburn) have little choice but to go with him. Of course it takes considerable time to get things organised, and the movie concentrates on the couple of days before the move... during which everything seems to transpire against Jim.

Jim Fletcher has his good points but for most of the movie is a very annoying character, while long-suffering wife Helen rarely gets much chance to voice her own preferences. Peggy gets much more screen time and her rapidly blossoming romance with Richard Kenyon (John Fraser), and the effect this has on the plans to go to Australia, are the real focus of the story - along with Jim's inability to completely let go of his connection to the company he's just left.

The performances are decent enough and there are a few funny scenes, but this certainly never has the magic of the classic Ealing Comedies like The Ladykillers and The Lavender Hill Mob. Don't expect much and you'll enjoy it as a reasonable distraction from the modern age.

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