Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The World Is Not Enough (1999)

It was a weird feeling when I saw this on the TV recently, realising that it was a whole decade ago that I'd gone to see it in the cinema. I have a feeling I went because a friend wanted to see it - on the whole I pretty much lost interest in the James Bond franchise when I was about 12. Still, Pierce Brosnan does make a good bond, and while the plot and stunts here are the usual hokum, it's done with aplomb and has some funny dialogue if you listen hard enough. Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards make a decent villainess / Bomb Girl combination (the latter having the name "Christmas Jones" and being, as you would expect of a nuclear physicist, young, female, attractive and prone to wearing very little). I don't really get Judi Dench as M (much as I like her) and not really sure about John Cleese as the new Q (called R-of course...), but Desmond Llewelyn (original Q)'s exit strategy is good. Robert Carlyle is a pretty good villain, and the reason for his apparent invincibility is quite interesting.

It's cheesy, rather predictable and full of the sort of thing that Bond fans love. If you're not a particular fan... you're unlikely to find this more than a mildly diverting action flick. Worth watching again after a decade, I guess!

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James Bond 007 said...

"The World Is Not Enough"is a powerhouse action adventure combined with driving characters and story, all polished with sleeker than sleek Bond style.

watsonrodrig said...

But the most important thing in a Bond-movie is the actor who plays it.And Brosnan did it very well. He's agressive,he has got a sense of humour and he really looks like the gentleman Bond is supposed to be. But in some scenes we see Brosnan also in a more vulnerable position. So I think Brosnan is after Connery the best Bond-actor.
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