Saturday, 20 March 2010

1st Annual Oklahoma Horror Film Festival

 Horror really isn't my film, but some of my readers might just be interested in this...

The 1st Annual Oklahoma Horror Film Festival is accepting entries of screenplays, films, and more.

More information and our submission form are available at our website:

The festival will be held Labor Day Weekend (Sept 3-5) at the SpiritBank Event Center in Tulsa, OK. Lodging and restaurants are within walking distance of this location. The festival is competitive, with approximately 50-60 films screened and will host a variety of workshops and panels covering various aspects of the film industry and horror genre.

All winning entries will be reviewed for consideration for production and/or distribution. In addition, we' ll announce to thousands of industry professionals that you were a winner of our festival. In some cases, there will be a cash prize and/or a product/software bundle.

*Regular Deadline is June 5th, 2010. Final Submission Deadline is July 3rd, 2010*

All entries must fall into at least one of the following categories:
Horror, Supernatural, Monster, Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Cult, or Mental Illness.

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