Thursday, 25 March 2010

"The Ballad of Mary and Ernie"

I got an email about this a while ago, had a look, and really like the total madness of it all...

We've recently created a webisode, called "The Ballad of Mary and Ernie." It's about a full-sized sheriff in a miniature town. All of his friends are roughly 8" high, including the woman he's going to marry. Then he meets a full-sized woman....

“The Ballad of Mary and Ernie” is written, directed and produced by Robert Stadd. Director of SyFy’s “Alien Siege,” he has worked as a visual effects supervisor for several years, creating seamless images for Michael Mann’s past four films: “Public Enemies,” “Miami Vice,” “Collateral,” and “Ali.” In addition, he has produced or supervised the visual effects for “Redline,” “Galaxy Quest,” “Mighty Joe Young,” “Nutty Professor” (I & II), “The Mask,” “The Crow,” “Crimson Tide,” “My Fellow Americans,” “Liar Liar,” “Defending Your Life,” “Hot Shots!” etc. He has directed theater in Los Angeles, including work at Theater East, and the Santa Monica Playhouse.

“The Ballad of Mary and Ernie” stars James Lane as Marshall Ernie. James has appeared in episodes of “24,” “NCIS,” “Everyone Hates Chris,” “The Unit,” “Without a Trace,” etc. Mary Venezuela is played by Vanessa Celso, who has appeared in the film “House Broken,” and the theater production “Hatful of Rain,” as well as the original web series “Road to the Altar.” Nan, the Kid and Blad Bart (the villain of episode 1) are voiced by Darcy Halsey, Catherine Reitman and Jesse Corti respectively. Darcy has appeared in “CSI,” “Scare Tactics,” and “Madison Heights,” Catherine was in “Knocked Up”, “My Super Ex Girlfriend” and “Thank You For Smoking.” Jesse Corti is a voice-over veteran of many years, he was the voice of LeFou in Walt Beauty and the Beast, as well as appearing on-camera in “All In,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Bringing Down the House,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” etc.

Each episode runs approximately five minutes.

Here's the link to the website:

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