Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mutiny (1952)

This sea-faring tale tells the story of a daring plan to bring money privately loaned by French citizens to Americans fighting for independence from the British. The noble Captain Marhsall (Mark Stevens) is put in charge, but he needs the help of former British naval captain Ben Waldridge (Patrick Knowles) to do it - and Waldridge is used to being Captain, so there could be trouble... further fueled by Waldridge's gun crew led by "Hook" (Gene Evans), and Waldridge's lover Leslie (Angella Lansbury).

Full of derring-do, nautical terminology and tense double-crosses, this is a movie that maybe deserves to be remastered and re-released. The cinematography and overly dark scenes which are difficult to see properly let it down, but overall Mutiny is a very solid swashbuckler.

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