Saturday, 20 March 2010

Slightly off-topic... The CSI Experience

Since this is currently in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmignham city centre, we thought we'd have a look.  It's quite interesting how they've done it - basically you have a crime scene (there are three but you're only supposed to look at one apparently, though the website had given me the impression that you could look at all three - maybe because we were there quite close to closing time that didn't work out?) and must use your powers of observation and lab equipment to piece together the clues.  However there are two main problems with the CSI Experience, at least for adults - it's far too expensive for what you get, and it's muhc, much too easy.  (The latter is partly explained by the fact that they expect kids quite a lot of the time, but they could have used a different casenotes sheet for adults that didn't make things quite so blindingly obvious...)

The final bit where you have to make your report to Grissom was well done, and the visual effects on the autopsy bit were impressive.  These highlights definitely weren't enough to make it worth £9.75 per person though.  When you get your certificate you can get it for £5 (£5!) there or have it emailed to you - mine still hasn't arrived in my inbox, not sure how long it's supposed to take.

Sadly, the CSI Experience is a rather underwhelming experience...

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