Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Fabulous Dorseys (1947)

This film chronicles the rise, fall and rise of Tommy and Jiimy Dorsey, from their young childhood with their father insisting that they learn to play musical instruments, to their infamous falling out, eventual reconcilliation - and on the way, both of them becomming jazz greats. There are a number of good songs here and the Dorsey brothers, playing themselves, do a decent acting job; the story is helped by a snappy script with several very funny moments. It gets a little bogged down towards the end with the setting up of the long-delayed family reunion. Jane Howard (Janet Blair)'s attempts to reconcile the feuding brothers at the expense of her romance with pianist Bob Burton (William Lundigan) was a bit exasperating (and its evetual conclusion seemed rather contrived, though I guess it may have even been true!).

Jane does however reveal the most telling truth of all at one point - "They argue about everything, they even play music differently. The only thing they have in common is their temper.) (That's probably not verbatim, but near enough!).

All in all it's a very enjoyable movie, even if it feels a tiny bit overlong, and jazz music fans will love the soundtrack.

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