Tuesday, 27 April 2010

FanFest 2010 - "For Your Eyes Only" Panel Q&A

No Roger Moore unfortunately, but three cast members from the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only regaled the audience with tales of what happened in production for that film.

John Wyman (Erich Kriegler), Alkis Kritikos (Santos) and Jack Klaff (Apostis) made up the panel.

John Wyman recounted how in one fight scene, the props were set up wrongly so when he picked up a stone slab to throw at Bond, he ended up nearly picking up the whole set. Alkis Kirikos had a scene where he was marching Bond in front of him with a gun pointed at his back - Roger Moore, being a bit of a prankster, had hidden the gun. However when the film started rolling Alkis didn't want to admit that he'd not got the gun, so improvised and used his fingers - because his hand was hidden from view the whole time, that scene is the one that was used for the film! Jack Klaff, meanwhile, had real-life horror in his death scene when a local snake came to visit and was only centimetres away from him - he was told afterwards that death would have been slow, agonising and certain, with no antidote in existence - a comforting thought! He also has a fear of snakes, so top marks for professionalism that he got on with it and shot the scene straight after coming face to face with one...

He never found out who did it, but John Wyman had other prop troubles in this film - he motorbike that weighed only a few pounds in the studio had been replaced by a much heavier one for the scene where he throws the bike down the mountain. It nearly killed him to pick it up and chuck it in front of him, but again, with the camera rolling he refused to admit that something was wrong...

Jack recounted how a local monastery refused to be in the picture and to that end was covered with Greek flags, resulting in part of the set needing to be rebuilt back at Pinewood Studios and scenes re-shot. For 30 years Jack thought this was because James Bond was thought to be the devil, but Alkis said it was because they had dibs on all tourist photography in the area and hadn't been paid anything by the studio. Did Jack Klaff really only find out the truth at FanFest? Who knows... but it made for entertaining banter.

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