Monday, 26 April 2010

FanFest 2010 - Q&A Session with Special Effects Guru Steve Begg

Steve Begg is a visual effects supervisor who started out working with Gerry Anderson, particularly on Terrahawks (which he described as a wrongly maligned show, but I remember loving it as a child!).  He showed various photos of various vehicle models used in the show, and explained how many techniques that were used in the making of Terrahawks were still in use when Casino Royale was made (presumably they are still being used even today).  Casino Royale is possibly the most famous film he worked on, and a number of scenes were shown before and after backgrounds were added etc.  A few tricks of the trade were explained along the way, including some scenes were created from matting photos he'd taken while hanging out of an aeroplane onto the backdrop of scenes!

Steve also worked with Bill Pearson on Space Precinct, a tough show to shoot with 60-100 shots in a week.  He also worked on Red Dwarf - most famously the scene where Starbug blows up.  While he was there the concept of using rubber dust in the pyrotechnic effect was used, making the explosions much more impressive. 

While working on Tomb Raider he met Chris Corbaould, who he later went on to work with on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.   I never realised quite how big some of the "miniatures" were that are used to created special effects - apparently some of the models for skyscrapers in Gotham City were 35-40 feet high!

This was an interesting look into the world of special effects, though I felt it was a shame that no actual clips of the effects were shown - just photos. 

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