Wednesday, 21 April 2010

FanFest 2010 - Q&A Timetables Now Available

This weekend's coming up fast, and with it FanFest - dedicated to the spy and sci-fi genres, with a special emphasis on James Bond.  A whole host of celebrities are planned to make an appearance - see the guest list.  Several question and answer sessions are planned with the stars - see the Q&A List.

Among others George Lazenby will be appearing on Saturday at 2:30pm for questions (my own would have to be, "just what did you do to upset the editors who destroyed the chances of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'  being a good film!), while Honor Blackman will be answering questions on Sunday at 11am (pity really, I can only make the Saturday myself!).  I'm hoping that I'll be counted as "Press" enough to get in to hear Ray Harryhausen's press conference - he's the ultimate living legend of movie special effects.  (I wonder what he thinks of the new Clash of the Titans movie?)

More about FanFest after the weekend! 

Fan Fest – The Ultimate Spy and Sci-Fi event at the London Film Museum

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