Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Mac set to reopen in Birmingham

An important part of Birmingham's cultural life is about to be reborn.  That's Birmingham, England not Birmingham, Alabama incidentally...

After extensive refurbishment, the Mac (Midlands Arts Centre) is back and better than ever - well, it soon will be anyway - the official reopening is on Saturday 1st May.

The Mac's cinema showings include international and indie productions - click here for the current set of movies set to be shown in early May.  Often films that tend to be missed out at big cinema chains get a showing here - I saw The Story of the Weeping Camel at the Mac when it wasn't on anywhere else, for instance.

Official Website -

About the refurb:

On Sat 1 May, mac will throw open the doors to the public providing access to a building which will change Birmingham's cultural landscape.

The £15 million mac and sampad Building Project, which began in April 2008, has resulted in a newly refurbished, and much improved, arts centre built to meet the needs of both artists and the region's vibrant community.

Jointly funded by Arts Council England, Birmingham City Council and a mac and sampad fundraising campaign, the development has dramatically improved mac's ability to offer exciting events and activities as well as improving physical access. In short, mac has a more efficient and effective home – as well as a more attractive one!

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