Friday, 21 May 2010

Flash Forward Finishing?

Why is it that every time I actually like a TV series enough to watch it regularly, it gets cancelled after one or two seasons? First the quirkily excellent Life got scrubbed, now it appears that the silly but enjoyably convoluted Flash Forward is being sent to the junkyard.

Is it just me??

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schoolguy said...

You gotta move on man! Go out and watch movies in theater like Get Him to the Greek. Really hilarious! I'm sure Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and Diddy will rock your world. They're starting to rock everyone's world in NYC, Miami and Atlanta during their movie pre-screening. I can't wait till I see in Movie theater this June.

Connor said...

I usually have the same problem. It is very rare that I get into a television show (at least ones on regular programming and not on HBO or Showtime.) but every time I do they get cancelled...television execs are ridiculous!

CaptainD said...

SchoolGuy - I do go to the movies but it's getting too expensive!!

Connor - maybe we should agree on something that should continue, then publicly say we don't like it and thus fool the TV executives?!? :-D