Monday, 5 July 2010

Gaiety George (1946)

This movie portrays the life of Irish playwright George Howard (Richard Greene, whose appallingly changeable Irish accent would put even Johnny Depp to shame), who bought a small theatre in England and set about trying to raise the standards of theatrical productions. There are of course many ups and downs to his life sotry (I have no idea how truthful the storyline actually is here), and Ann Todd as his wife Kate shares in most of them. Much of it is pretty predictable and some of the musical numbers are best forgotten, but there are one or two good songs and some funny dialogue, especially between the critics. Peter Graves plays the nasty critic Henry Carter, who for no good reason sets out to destroy Howard - who apart from several lucky breaks would quite effectively have destroyed himself/

Not a great film, but it has enough merits to be worth watching. If you look really, really, really carefully, you might spot a young Roger Moore in the audience in only his third appearance in a film. As with a lot of old restored movies, the soundtrack is quite hissy, but the visuals are well restored.

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