Friday, 16 July 2010

Melody for Three (1941)

This slightly odd movie, fairly short at 66 minutes and redeemable due to some good music and a couple of funny scenes, is mainly worth watching for seeing Fay Wray not being abducted by a giant gorilla. It's one of the "Dr Christian" series of films - apparently Jean Hersholt starred as the character in a number of films, but I'd never seen one before.

Melody for Three is about the good doctor's attempts to get a violin teacher (Fay Wray) back together with her ex-husband (they split up over a misunderstanding, it seems), and as a by-product propel her son into super-stardom - dad's a great conductor you see, but the boy doesn't know it.

It's preposterously naive and idealistic, but that doesn't stop it from having some good moments, and it's feel-good in an implausible sort of way.

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doctor john said...

In our modern age of cynicism and moral decline this old film may appear absurdly sentimental, idealistic and naïve but the fact remains that the whole film is saturated with beautiful ideals of friendship, love, sociability etc. Those were, believe it or not, probably the way many people tried and succeeded to live in at least that sector of America. Better than the hate filled , aggressive, a-moral, exploitative and violent trash one sees so often in films today. Perhaps if we had more of the kind of caring and loving community portrayed in this film we'd have fewer socially isolated and murderous adults who gun down whole swaths of people.