Sunday, 25 July 2010


Regular readers of this blog (all three of you) may remember that I'd discovered this movie and felt that I had to see it, as it looked so amazingly awful that it also looked like loads of fun.

Well... I came across this today!

Hmm... I actually saw Caroline Munro in person at FanFest 2010 (she's still gorgeous at... 61?!?!?  She looked nothing like that old!) - but I didn't have the nerve to go up and ask her about being in this movie. (She'd probably have wanted me to pay £25 for her autograph, which I wasn't interested in doing!)

To sample the extreme cheesiness of Starcrash, look at the trailer below:

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Maurice Mitchell said...

How come I've never heard of this movie?! It has everything we love about "Star Wars" (Lightsabers, Death Star, Skull-like helmet) but a lot more scantily-clad women. Add the 'Hoff and it's a winner. They should do remake.

CaptainD said...

We stumbled on it completely by chance a while ago - had never heard of it before. But it looks gloriously awful! :-D