Saturday, 24 July 2010

Toy Story 3 Review

Just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 and what can I say but PIXAR have done it - yet again.

The basic story is that Andy has grown up - now 17, off to college, and apparently about to leave all his beloved toys behind - or even throw them away.  Buzz, Jessie, Mr & Mrs Potato Head et all find themselves in a Day Centre where they are going to be loved and cherished by generations of children... except things aren't all as they seem.  Torn loyalties are everywhere, with Woody seeming to be the only one clinging to the hope that Andy still values his toys.

The storyline is great, with the action and humour never letting up.  There are some great new characters (particularly Lotso, voiced by Ned Beaty, and Ken - Michael Keaton) with surprisingly deep characterisation, the visuals are tremendous, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and co do sterling work with the voice acting.  In short, you knew Toy Story 3 was going to be great because it's PIXAR, the first two Toy Stories movies were superb, and when a substandard script was offered a few years ago PIXAR's executives decided not to make the movie even though it would have been a surefire hit back then as well.

If you liked the first Toy Story movies, you're sure to love this one as well.  Personally if I had to choose between all three, I'd opt for the second one - but there's no way you're going to be disappointed with this one.

More because of the timing than changing my mind about 3D movies, I did see this one in 3D.  It seemed pretty good though there were no obvious "wow" moments.  Given the choice I'd have watched the 2D showing for a bit less money, and seeing it in 3D hasn't exactly changed my mind about that.

Oh, one other thing - after all the exciting action scenes and laugh out loud moments (don't go before you've seen the clips that run during the end credits either), you'll probably be sitting there feeling like an idiot that you've managed to come to the point of caring about a bunch of toys so much.  (I did!)

Before the main film there's an animated short called "Night and Day" (or was it "Day and Night"?).  It's a fun little story and visually very striking, due to an ingenious method of mixing modern and very early animation techniques.

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