Monday, 9 August 2010

The Razor's Edge (1946)

Packed with stars, nominated for 4 Oscars (winning one) and winner of two Golden Globes, I guess I was expecting more from this movie. Based on the novel by Somerset Maugham (and even featuring him in the film, played by Herbert Marshall), the plot follows the life of a young man, Larry (Tyrone Power) in search of... well, something. Always more questions than answers, never wanting to be tied down to a job or his fiance, Isabel (Gene Tierney). His search leads him across the world, away from those he loves and then back again, to holy men and into the dens of sinners.

For the first hour or so I found it interesting, but after Larry's meeting with probably the world's least convincing Indian (Cecil Humphries - by comparison Michael Bates in It Ain't Half Hot Mum was completely authentic!), the storyline got too convoluted, downright weird in places and frankly lost plausibility. At 2 hours 25 minutes it seemed a little longer than the plot could maintain and despite the best efforts of Oscar and Golden Globe winner Anne Baxter and other co-stars John Payne and Clifton Webb, it was rather dull throughout.

There are those who claim this is an absolute classic and maybe they're just seeing something in it that I've failed to appreciate, but to me this was a good idea that just got too bogged down in its own rhetoric to be enjoyable.

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