Monday, 30 August 2010

Sky High (2005)

Sky High is a movie I'd always intended to see but had forgotten about, until a rare piece of genius programming by the BBC1 put it on terrestrial screens for only the second time ever this Bank Holiday Monday.

The plot follows Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano), son of the world's leading superheroes, Commander (Kurt Russel) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston). Of course it's tough to live up to expectations when your parents are living legends, even more so when it becomes apparent that actually, Will doesn't actually have any superpowers (not yet, at any rate).

Though this movie suffers from being much too predictable, it makes up for lack of plot sophistication with unbridled enthusiasm, characters we can relate to despite the extraordinary environment they operate in, and a lot of wry humour. Very enjoyable overall, the Radio Times described it as "a John Hughes drama crossed with The Invincibles", which is a fair assessment. I'd be more inclined to call it Harry Potter with super powers rather than magic.

Obviously it's mainly aimed at young one for whom perhaps the plot "twists" will actually cause some element of surprise, but they won't appreciate Linda Carter saying at the end "I can't do anything more for you. I'm not Wonder Woman, you know!".

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Akanksha said...

Movie sounds to be good one. It is looking to be great adventure film. Michael Angarano has done well done role in this film..Have you seen this film?
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