Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Top 5 Movie Apps (Guest Post)

Top 5 Movie Apps

There are loads of ‘best app’ lists out there, especially for movies, but some of them seem to be filled up with apps for the latest iPhone 4 that just don’t quite cut it. Most lists are pretty good, but in general they’re missing a few essentials for actual movie lovers. Here are my top 5 movie apps:

Movie Genie

This Dialaphone list rates the iMDB app for iPhone and Android, and rightly so, but until it is fully integrated with the site, Movie Genie is the next best option. You can use Movie Genie to search for any movie person and access their full biography, photos, filmography and plots. You can mark movies with particular people in them as your favourites and store your browsing history.

Movie Genie - Hippo Foundry Inc.

Movies by Flixster

This is an app that was built for film lovers. To help you decide what films to watch you can watch trailers, read extensive reviews, get showing times in your area and even book tickets! As well as this you can also monitor box office results and search for information on actors or directors and search their back catalogue.

Movies by Flixster - with Rotten Tomatoes - Flixster


This popular app is great for last minute decisions to go to the cinema. You can check local times at nearby cinemas and not only that, but it will direct you with GPS to the nearest cinema that is showing your film of choice!

Showtimes - Magnolia Labs, Inc.


For movie lovers who love movie quotes, this is the perfect app to have in your pocket. Select a genre, decade or just freestyle and shake the iPhone to be given a random quote. Play the audio file to guess which film it is and what character – a great movie trivia app to play with your friends.

Run Pee

Now most movie lovers that I know will pee before a movie, but if you’re running late or realise you shouldn’t have had the extra large coke then Run Pee is an ingenious little app. It will tell you when a boring moment is coming up, giving you the opportunity to run to the bathroom without missing a huge plot point or action scene.

CaptainD - Movie Reviews Blog

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