Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Blues in the Night (1941)

Now this is a strange movie... it starts off as a "jazz band starts up and goes through trials and tribulations before hitting the big time" type movie, then turns into a murder mystery noir. It also has strange character names - the main character played by Richard Whorf is nicknamed "Jigger", which is bad enough, but Priscilla Lane's characters is called ... "Character". The band forms, they start out poor, they have some success but are still financially insecure, then just as they start having some real money along comes a crook and takes it all off them. Before long though they've accepted a suspicious invite from the same crook and end up working for him.

This didn't sit right with me as a viewer - they seemed neither desperate enough nor should they have been stupid enough to take up this offer. Then there's a femme fatale who, despite being unpleasant and frankly unattractive, Jigger falls for (for no apparent reason) and throws everything away. This movie has quite a number of fans but I'm afraid I couldn't find much about it to enjoy - the plot made little sense, there was precious little blues music in it, the acting was fairly bad and the dialogue poorly written.

I had high hopes of Blues in the Night - it looked interesting from the plot synopsis - but to me it failed on just about every count.

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