Monday, 6 September 2010

Goodbye Lenin! (2003)

I often don't really get "black" comedy. For instance, Fargo left me completely unmoved (which is something I know many people will deride me for, with it being considered a classic and all). However I liked this movie set in post Berlin Wall East Germany a great deal.

Starring the excellent Daniel Buhl as Alex Kerner, the plot revolves around his attempts to keep his mother from realising how much things have changed, after she recovers from a long coma with no idea about the Berlin Wall coming down and the events that followed.  With the help of his family and a colleague who's a wannabe filmmaker, Alex tries to convince his mother that all is as she remembers it being.  Obviously this is no easy task, and a combination of shielding the mother from real-life events and fabricating thier own news stories is required - but Alex's sister isn't always so inclined to help him...

As well as a black comedy, it's a piercing look at how East Germany changed after the wall came down, and the various reactions amongst the populace to the introduction of a capitalist society.  To me the humour doesn't always work and sometimes the film is unnecessarily crude, but overall it's an intriguing, amusing and heartwarming film by turns.  It also won a truckload of awards.

If you're looking for something a bit out of the normal, Goodbye Lenin! might very well fit the bill.

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daphne sy said...

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neetu said...

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gnome said...

Ahh, I remember this one. Was a breath of fresh air when it was released. Smart, touching, humorous and avoiding the obvious political traps -say- an American film would fall in.

Akanksha said...

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