Saturday, 30 October 2010

Computer Animated Movie Quadrilogies and the 3D revolution...

In a sea of animated movies, few series have yet to make it to 4 entries - with Shrek the only one I can think of off-hand.  This made me wonder whether Toy Story and Ice Age will ever have a fourth entry.  The difference between these and Shrek is that I've loved all the previous movies (okay, I only liked Ice Age 2); whereas I liked the first Shrek, disliked the second, was bored by the third and then, surprisingly, really enjoyed the fourth - "Shrek Forever After" - perhaps even more than the first.
With a clever integration of several fairy tale characters into a plot that came across as fresh and rejuvenated the characters in Shrek (ironic since the first scenes are all about Shrek himself feeling stuck in a rut), this movie is a blast from start to finish.  If you too liked the final part of the Shrek quadrilogy, you'll want to check on the Shrek Forever After DVD.

I still have my doubts about the main movie innovation being promoted at the moment, 3D, which computer animated movies are all using - very few have impressed me in terms of the 3D visuals, and I've hardly ever felt that the extra money to see something in 3D was well-spent.  I suppose it's a medium that will continue to improve, but in the current financial climate how many of us can actually afford to shell out on a new TV just to get the 3D?!

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