Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Doctor in the House (1954)

I'd seen the first Doctor movie before, but hadn't remembered it being this good. Maybe it comes from having worked in so many hospitals, I don't know, but Doctor in the House is a highly enjoyable movie. Dirk Bogarde stars as Simon Sparrow, a young medical student setting out on his path to become a doctor, aided (or hindered) in this quest by long-time students Richard Grimsdyke (Kenneth Moore), Tony Benskin (Donald Sinden) and Taffy Evans (Donald Houston). He falls in love, naturally, with a nurse (Joy Gibson [Muriel Paslow]), and falls out with the strict Dean of the hospital (Geoffrey Keen). 

Quite a few moments in this movie made me laugh out loud, and it all had an amiable daftness about it.  The cast are an engaging lot, and I've always liked Kenneth Moore in particular in comedies, but Donalds Sindon and Houston both provide excellent comic support.  The female characters are a bit underwritten but that's hardly unusual for a fifties movie.  Of course, James Roberson Justice steals every scene he's in as gruff surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt.

Doctor in the House spawned many sequels, though I can't honestly remember how good they were compared to the first movie.  I'll find out soon enough though - we've got The Complete Doctor Collection, so I should be able to give every Doctor film a mention before too long.

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daphne sy said...

Slight comedy based on the antics of a group of naughty Brit medical students at a London hospital.

marketing said...

Im generally not a fan of older movies because I find myself to be a modern era type of person. Heck I avoid watching anything from the early 1990 and back. Great review none the less