Sunday, 10 October 2010

Laxdale Hall (1953)

Featuring the film debut of Prunella Scales and featuring a young Fulton Mackay, this enjoyable movie never quite gets up a full head of steam, but has enough funny moments to keep it going nonetheless. It features a battle between the hardy villagers Laxdale and the British government - the villagers refuse to pay their road tax because there is only one road out of Laxdale and it's in terrible condition. There are only five car owners in the whole of Laxdale, but that doesn't stop a delegation being sent from Whitehall to find out what's going on. Laxdale's most celebrated former resident is one of the officials sent to deal with the situation, but soon enough he shows a complete lack of understanding of local sentiment.

There is a sub-plot about poachers coming from Glasgow to steal Laxdale's fish, a bit of treachery here and there, and a couple of romantic sub-plots. The DVD blurb compares it to Ealing Comedies' finest, which I think is being a bit optimistic really, but it's a nice enough comedy about community spirit and the little guy standing up to bureaucracy.

The DVD package also features "The Glen is Ours", which has a similar theme but largely without the humour - I didn't take much notice of it so I can't tell you what it was like.

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