Monday, 22 November 2010

Just About Famous

Just About Famous by Blue Collar Films is a short documentary about celebrity lookalikes. There's no narration - all the talking is done by the celebrity impersonators themselves, and the scenes cut smoothly from Elvis to George W Bush to Britney Spears to Robert De Niro, all telling anecdotes about their careers, and reflecting on why they like what they do so much. It manages to be all three things a good documentary should be - enlightening, perceptive and entertaining, while all the time giving the distinct impression that its stars are simply a bunch of people who make fun of themselves pretending to be famous people.  One of the highlights is George W Bush and Bill Clinton on stage together singing a song... very surreal!

Just About Famous has been screened at several film festivals; a DVD release is planned (I saw a private screener which lasted about quarter of an hour; I presume more material is going to go on the official release DVD); you can get more information at the Official Website.

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