Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Skyline - AVOID! Half-machine, half-organic aliens want to eat your brain...

It wasn't my choice, but we watched Skyline this evening - I have to say that pretty much everything about it was awful. Well okay the special effects were good, the music tried really hard to be stirring, and the cinematography occasionally showed flashes of inspiration. However it's a largely tedious affair of unlikeable bland characters running around shouting and aliens taking over the earth. It doesn't really matter that almost all the characters are annoying or stupid though as they all get killed sooner or later. The dialogue is awful, the characters and situations often unbelievable and it has one of the most stupid endings in film history.

Still, if you really, really want to waste some money, go ahead and see it! 

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john said...

"Half-machine, half-organic aliens"
- not to mention it's just half a movie.