Thursday, 25 November 2010


After reading the book Stormbreaker, I felt that it would definitely make a better movie than book.  I was right... sort of.

It's a junior James Bond really, with Alex Pettyfer as Alex Rider, superspy schoolkid - though he doesn't quite know it yet.  After a daft scene where he single-handedly fights off a small army of thugs, he still doesn't quite work out that he's been trained rather well be his uncle (Ewan McGregor) in readiness for becoming a lackey to a shady government department.  The rest of the plot is similarly enjoyable but daft hokum.

There's a stellar cast here, with Mickey Rourke, Missi Pyle, Damian Lewis, Sophie Okonedo, Bill Nighy, Andy Serkis, Alicia Silverstone, Robbie Coltraine and even Stephen Fry appearing as various good guys, bad guys (and sometimes both).  A few moments were nearly poignant, but soon lost in another sea of action sequences that sometimes had the bare bones of a plotline clinging to them.

It's all fast and fun, sometimes quite amusing; it never quite gels together into an homogeneous whole, and those looking for plot cohesion and depth will be disappointed.  For a bit of light entertainment it's fine though; Alex Pettyfer, still only 20, looks more than capable of becoming a major star.  It was nice to see Alixia Silverstone again, even if her character was a bit baffling.

For fans of the book, look out for a few updated bits of technology - the DS instead of GBA, for example.

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