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17th May, Cannes. Film London and BBC Films are proud to announce the start of principal photography on Borrowed Time, a fresh and life-affirming comedy-drama from writer/director Jules Bishop.  This is the seventh film to go into production under the successful micro-budget feature film fund, Film London Microwave.  Starring Phil Davis, Perry Benson, Juliet Oldfield and introducing Theo Barklem-Biggs, the filming will continue for three weeks on location in London.

Borrowed Time tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a hapless young burglar and his eccentric victim.  Desperate for cash to pay back local tyrant "Ninja" Nigel, Kevin breaks into Philip's house, only to be held hostage by the old man at gunpoint. Kevin is able to break free but he can’t go home for fear of Nigel, and his sister, Becky, won't take him in either as she’s had enough of his bad behaviour. So Kevin is forced to return to the old man's house, and the burglar and victim form an unlikely bond that will help them both find a way out of their respective troubles.
The film stars Phil Davis (Vera Drake, Brighton Rock), Juliet Oldfield (Bronson), Perry Benson (This is England, Somers Town) and introducing Theo Barklem-Biggs as the lead, Kevin.

Borrowed Time is written and directed by Jules Bishop and it is his first feature.  It is produced by Olivier Kaempfer of Parkville Pictures, who has also previously produced the BAFTA nominated short ‘Ralph’ in 2009 and Noah and The Whale's film project ‘The First Days of Spring’. Both Bishop and Kaempfer are London Film School graduates.

Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London, said: "This is the seventh Microwave feature to go into production and it is no less exciting than the first! With this scheme we have set out to discover and nurture film-making talent and in Borrowed Time we have a great team with lots of potential and I'm confident they can continue to build on Microwave's fantastic success to date."

Filmmakers, Jules Bishop and Olivier Kaempfer, add: "We have the highest aspirations for the film, and thanks to the fantastic support of the Microwave scheme we feel we have the opportunity to create something that can stand alone alongside films of a much bigger budget."

Unique in its approach to film-making, Microwave – which also receives support from Skillset – has an integrated training programme which sees film-makers benefiting from crucial guidance and mentoring throughout the film-making process. With its innovative set-up encompassing training and development from script to screen and beyond, Microwave has enjoyed excellent results.  Ben Drew aka Plan B’s ill Manors was the most recent film to go into production with the scheme and has been picked up for release in Fall/Winter 2011 and Microwave’s three completed features Mum & Dad, Shifty and Freestyle, have achieved UK theatrical releases and sold well in other territories. Microwave acts as a launch pad for film-makers’ careers and has had some success in discovering some major new talent – Riz Ahmed’s acting career has flourished post-‘Shifty’ and its writer/director Eran Creevy, (nominated for the Carl Foreman BAFTA Award 2010 for Best Debut) has secured funding for his next feature, Welcome to the Punch, which will be executive produced by Ridley Scott and shoots in Summer 2011.

About Film London Microwave:

Launched in 2006, Microwave is a ground-breaking scheme set up by Film London with BBC Films, with support from Skillset. It challenges London-based film-makers to shoot a feature film for up to £120,000 with cash and in-kind support. Film London offers a maximum cash budget of up to £60,000.
Microwave provides an intensive approach to film-making with the emphasis on original ideas, tightly focussed scripts and short production schedules. The film-makers are supported by extensive training and mentoring from the initial conception of the project all the way through to its release. 

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